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*The TOWSC is pleased to announce that Michele Kozireski has been approved by the board as our new Treasurer. As such, updated deposit, check request and trainer forms have been posted to our website. Completed forms with proper documentation, need to be completed per the instructions on the forms, and will be processed by the dates indicated on the forms, if your team has available funds, excluding yet-to-be deposited funds.

If you need checks, and are unable to make the monthly board meeting, please complete the check request form (attached below) and mail it with the proper documentation to *TOWSC, c/o Michele Kozireski, 840 County Hwy 17, Montgomery, NY 12549.* No check request will be honored without proper documentation. Check requests received by the 10th of the month will be mailed by the 15th. Check requests received by the 20th of the month or at the board meeting can be picked up at the board meetings.

If you are unable to make the monthly board meeting, and you have a deposit for your team, mail the completed deposit form (attached below) and the checks to *TOWSC, c/o Michele Kozireski, 840 County Hwy 17, Montgomery, NY 12549*. *PLEASE DO NOT SEND CASH THROUGH THE MAIL.
* Any deposits received without the completed deposit form will not be credited until such forms are received.

Board Meetings:
The Board Meets every 4th Thursday of the month at 7:30 pm at the Town of Wallkill Community Center.
All Board meetings are open for public participation.

Payment of Referees:
Beginning Calendar Year 2008, all referees and trainers will be required to file a W-9 with TOWSC.

Prior to every home game, every coach should see Barbara Evans in the concession stand to obtain the referee form, have it completed,
and upon receipt, will receive the payment for their referees. As we are required, by law, to maintain records for tax purposes,
of all payments made to referees, every form must be completed with all required information.
It is each coaches responsibility to ensure completion of all questions on the forms.
If the forms are not completed with social security number and addresses, we will
1) reach out to the coach to obtain the information, and failing satisfactory completion of the form
2) fine the team $5 per game for each incomplete forms.

Please note, we only need to issue 1099s to referees and trainers, if Town of Wallkill Soccer Club has paid an individual $600 or more,
by cash or check, during the calendar year. There are no exceptions.

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